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Riyad Bank

DAR.ME partnered with Riyad Bank to implement the Automation at Scale Program, a strategic initiative aligned with Vision 2030 to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s goals and aspirations. The program focuses on digital transformation, private sector development, and economic partnerships.


Riyad Bank initiated its first Automation trial in 2019, targeting over 200 processes for automation. However, the project faced challenges in meeting quality, performance, and ROI expectations. The program’s scalability was limited, hindering its expansion beyond 60 processes.


In June 2022, the recovery automation program was launched with a primary objective: scalability.
DAR.ME implemented Blue Prism as the platform of choice for automation. The project aimed to automate 200 processes by December 2022, including the migration of all UiPath-based processes to Blue Prism.

Key Achievements:

  • 194 live processes to date, with a current automation rate of 10 live processes per week.
  • 75 Blue Prism Digital Workers fully utilized.
  • Establishment of a state-of-the-art control room to manage and support Digital Workers.
  • The Center Of Excellence (COE) established to ensure scalability and sustainable automation.

Business Impact:

  • FTE saving to date: 150 FTE deferred recruiting and 40 FTE reassigned.
  • Establishing a 1 to 2 ratio of Digital Workers per process.
  • Enhancing debits collection by 50%.
  • Improving legal compliance by 80%.

Through the Automation at Scale Program, DAR.ME enabled Riyad Bank to embrace scalable automation, optimize operational efficiency, and contribute significantly to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiatives. The project’s successful implementation showcased the potential of Blue Prism in driving digital transformation within the financial sector.

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SS&C Blue Prism | ABBYY

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