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Jordan Commercial Bank

Case Study: Automation Excellence for Jordan Commercial Bank


DAR.ME collaborated with Jordan Commercial Bank to usher in a new era of automation in their operational processes. By automating crucial areas such as credit card operations, Data cleansing and KYC, the bank now benefits from a 24/7 robotic system. This innovation ensures 100% accuracy, enhanced productivity, and a marked reduction in manual labor.


Jordan Commercial Bank faced operational bottlenecks due to manual interventions in credit card operations and BYC. These manual processes were not only time-consuming but also susceptible to errors. The bank sought to enhance efficiency, reduce manual labor, and improve service quality.


DAR.ME devised a bespoke solution tailored to the bank’s unique challenges:

  • Credit Card Automation: We streamlined the bank’s credit card operations through automation, ensuring faster processing, approvals, and overall management.
  • BYC Automation: Recognizing the distinct nature of KYC from general data management, we introduced a specialized automation process for KYC, ensuring it was handled with the precision and care it required.
  • 24/7 Robotic System: To bolster the bank’s operational capabilities, we implemented a robot that operates continuously, ensuring uninterrupted service and process execution.


The automation initiative yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • 24/7 Operations: The robot ensured that the bank’s vital operations ran continuously, offering uninterrupted services to customers.
  • 100% Accuracy: Automation eliminated the risk of human errors, ensuring every process was executed with unparalleled precision.
  • Elevated Productivity: The bank witnessed a surge in productivity, handling more tasks efficiently.
  • Reduction in Manual Labor: Automation significantly reduced the need for manual interventions, leading to cost savings and optimal resource allocation.

In conclusion, DAR.ME’s partnership with Jordan Commercial Bank exemplifies the transformative potential of automation in the banking sector. Through a keen understanding of the client’s challenges and strategic implementation, DAR.ME has set Jordan Commercial Bank on a trajectory of unparalleled operational efficiency.

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