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Daily Food Co./ Maestro Pizza


Daily Food Co., operating as Maestro Pizza, engaged in a strategic automation partnership with DAR.ME during the period from July 2020 to March 2021. This case study elucidates the profound positive impact of automation initiatives in three critical areas: HR administration, finance, and call center operations.


Daily Food Co. encountered operational challenges that necessitated change before collaborating with DAR.ME:

  • HR Administration: Manual HR processes were labor-intensive and prone to errors, affecting operational efficiency.
  • Finance: Finance tasks, particularly invoicing and reconciliation, required substantial manual intervention, leading to inefficiency and compliance issues.
  • Call Center: The call center struggled with efficient management of Kareem NOW orders, order processing, and customer refunds, resulting in slower response times.


DAR.ME’s intervention delivered substantial improvements:

  1. HR Administration:
    Automation of Over 20 Processes: Automation streamlined more than 20 HR functions, simplifying tasks like employee onboarding, leave management, and payroll processing.
    Government Portal Integration: Integration with government portals like Moqeem facilitated compliance-related processes, reducing administrative complexity.
  2. Finance:
    Automation of 10 Processes: Finance processes, including invoicing and reconciliation, were automated, reducing manual workloads.
    Resource Optimization: Automation freed up two full-time employees, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.
    Enhanced SLA Adherence: Automation led to better adherence to SLAs, improving finance team efficiency and service quality.
  3. Call Center:
    Automation of Critical Processes: Key call center processes, such as Kareem NOW orders, order processing, and customer refunds, were automated.
    Labor Cost Reduction: Automation eliminated the need for three full-time employees, resulting in cost savings.
    Enhanced Customer Service: Faster response times in the call center enhanced customer satisfaction and service quality.


The collaboration between Daily Food Co. and DAR.ME yielded notable outcomes:

  • Operational Efficiency: Automation streamlined HR, finance, and call center processes, reducing manual errors and enhancing efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: Daily Food Co. achieved significant cost savings equivalent to five full-time employees, positively impacting profitability.
  • Improved Customer Service: Faster response times in the call center translated to improved customer satisfaction levels.
  • Enhanced SLAs: The finance department achieved better SLA adherence, bolstering financial operations.

Daily Food Co strategic partnership with DAR.ME in automating HR, finance, and call center operations was a resounding success. This case study underscores the tangible benefits of automation, including process optimization, cost reduction, and enhanced customer service, contributing to the company’s overall growth and success.


Project Vendor


SS&C Blue Prism

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Saudi Arabia