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Bayan Credit Bureau


DAR.ME collaborated with Byan Credit Bank to enhance their data management capabilities. Through the automation of two pivotal processes, B2B and B2C, we delivered optimized file management for B2B and significantly reduced processing time for B2C operations. The transformation provided better visibility for the company’s staff and introduced a digital worker, ensuring streamlined operations and improved efficiency.


Bayan Credit Bureau faced challenges in managing their B2B and B2C data processes. Inefficient file management in the B2B segment and prolonged processing times in the B2C sector hindered their ability to serve their clients effectively. The Company needed a solution that would optimize their data management, reduce processing times, and provide better oversight to their staff.


DAR.ME proposed a targeted approach to address Bayan Credit Bureau’s data management challenges:

  • B2B File Optimization: We introduced automation to streamline the Company’s B2B file management system. This ensured efficient handling, storage, and retrieval of B2B data, enhancing the Company’s ability to serve its business clients.
  • B2C Process Enhancement: For the B2C segment, our solution focused on reducing processing time and improving visibility. We achieved an impressive 80% reduction in processing time, allowing the Company to serve its individual clients faster. Additionally, we introduced logs and a digital worker, named “digiata worker”, to provide better visibility and oversight to the company’s staff.


The data management transformation brought forth significant benefits:

  • Optimized B2B File Management: The automation of the B2B process ensured files were managed more efficiently, leading to quicker responses and better service for business clients.
  • 80% Time Reduction in B2C: The B2C process witnessed a drastic reduction in processing time, enabling the bank to serve individual clients with unprecedented speed.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The introduction of logs and the digiata worker provided the Company’s staff with better visibility into the processes, ensuring smooth operations and quicker issue resolution.

In conclusion, DAR.ME’s partnership with Bayan Credit Bureau showcases the transformative potential of automation in the financial services sector’s data management realm. Through targeted solutions and a keen understanding of the client’s challenges, DAR.ME has set Bayan Credit Bureau on a path of enhanced efficiency and operational excellence.

Project Vendor


SS&C Blue Prism

Project Location


Saudi Arabia