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Batelco, a leading telecommunications company, faced significant challenges in their operations, particularly in the area of handling customer service applications and document verification.The primary objective of this partnership was to address significant operational challenges faced by Batelco in the domains of customer service applications and document verification. Batelco encountered issues such as slow application processing times, intricate user interfaces, and the arduous onboarding of new agents.

This case study details how DAR.ME’s innovative solutions and expertise assisted Batelco in overcoming these challenges.


  • Slow Application Processing: Batelco struggled with slow application processing times, leading to delays in providing services to their clients.
  • Complex User Interfaces: The existing systems were not user-friendly, making it difficult for both customers and agents to navigate.
  • Onboarding Challenges: Training new agents was a time-consuming and tiring process due to the complexity of the systems.


DAR.ME, with its wealth of experience and technological prowess, stepped in to provide Batelco with a comprehensive solution:

  • Automated Service Changes: DAR.ME introduced an automated service change package to streamline the process of updating customer services.
  • Front-End Renovation: DAR.ME revamped the front-end interface, incorporating user-friendly Microsoft Power Apps and simple, easy-to-use forms.
  • Integration with RPA: DAR.ME seamlessly integrated Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into Batelco’s systems, automating critical tasks like document validation and ID verification.
  • Enhanced Security: The addition of e-signatures and fingerprints bolstered security measures and further streamlined processes.
  • CRM System Automation: Backend processes were automated using robots, which executed transactions within the CRM system.


The implementation of these solutions yielded significant improvements for Batelco:

  • Improved Speed
    Application processing times were drastically reduced, resulting in faster service delivery to clients.=
  • Enhanced Usability
    The introduction of user-friendly interfaces made it easier for both customers and agents to navigate the systems.
  • Streamlined Document Verification
    Document validation and ID verification became more efficient, reducing errors and improving accuracy.
  • E-Signature Integration
    The addition of e-signatures and fingerprints enhanced security and the overall customer experience.
  • Automation Efficiency
    Backend automation with RPA robots streamlined processes, reducing the time required for various tasks.
  • Quality Assurance
    A comprehensive quality assurance process was implemented, ensuring that all submitted applications were complete and accurate.
  • Significant Time and Cost Savings
    Batelco saved the equivalent of 10,000 hours annually, thanks to the automation of tasks and improved efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
    By delivering faster and more accurate services, Batelco significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Batelco’s strategic partnership with DAR.ME and implementation of Blue Prism RPA, along with other technology enhancements, successfully addressed their operational challenges. The company not only achieved substantial time and cost savings but also improved the overall quality of their services, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and a competitive edge in the telecommunications industry.

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